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Why Service is First


Some may appreciate our honesty, perhaps others may not; but we are just going to call it as we see it: "insurance is expensive and good service seems hard to find."


Even more honest, the insurance company receiving your hard earned dollars will only know you as a number.


Insurance companies produce warm and fussy commercials; however, the simple fact is the only person you will repeatedly speak with when purchasing your insurance is the representative, agent and/or broker in which you have chosen.


Unfortunately, now it's become very common to be passed around the office to a variety of different people once you are an "actual paying customer."


Rarely will you speak directly with the insurance professional who knows you and your company the very best.


It's our belief that is not in your best interest, and it's certainly not the best method of establishing a familiar relationship with your chosen insurance professional.  


SML does what few others will do; Personal Attention.  You are not passed on to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) or the Receptionist or anyone else after you send in your check. 


When you call SML, you will receive personal service and personal involvement.


The professionals who work with you during your insurance decision making process are the same professionals who will be answering your call after coverage has been issued.


At SML you can be confident, when you call with that important question or service requirement the person you chose with your insurance decision, the person who knows you and your company the very best, will be the person with which you will be speaking.


We say it, we mean it, "Service Is First" and we believe that is vitally important to you!



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