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Are Insurance Premiums Eating Your Profits?

"We have saved hundreds of contractors thousands of dollars!" We Specialize, YOU benefit. How do you know where contractors can get the best rates, benefits and coverage's? It can only be known and accomplished on the real experience of seeing it hundreds and hundreds of times before, on a day to day basis, as a broker on the inside. Insurance companies vary but Our Promise does not. 

It's no secret that some insurance companies take a consistent position of "sure we will insure that" ..:"for this much money (usually excessive)" ... "take it or leave it" and sadly many contractors end up overpaying for their insurance because they do "take it." Our Promise To You, if you have a good rate, policy and insurance company we will tell you "right there" and not waste your time if we can't help you! 

 Good information is the best guarantee of positive results. Have you noticed the long list of questions that are being asked of you if you want a General Liability Insurance Quote? Perhaps you received a worksheet and/or questionnaire that had to be completed?? Ever thought, "is there a right or wrong answer?" It's a good question, and the honest answer is "Yes."

Unfortunately, many contractors overpay for their insurance because they did not receive valuable information.  **We can't stress enough; insurance rates and coverages can vary unbelievably, and it is in your best interest to make a serious effort to become aware of information and opportunities available to you.
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